Friday, January 7, 2011

Catching Up!

So based on how much I've posted you wouldn't know how busy the end of the year was for me. I have been blessed in 2010 and the end was no exception. Please excuse me as I play "catch up"!

The W Family

One Last Family session to end the year...

Don't you just love Trey's face? Can't you hear what he's thinking?
He did cooperate... eventually :)

A Favorite!

Thanks guys for a great end to 2010!

The R Family

Meet some true urbanites!! It made perfect sense to capture this family in the middle of the city because that is what they love!

One of my favorite compositions! The Arch truly is magnificent!

All smiles! Its amazing what a little snack break can do :)

This little man LOVES his skateboard!

A & D Wedding

One of my FAVORITE parts of photographing a wedding is catching the bride as she gets dressed. Surrounded by what can only be described as organized chaos combined with the love of family and friends, she is pampered the prepped for her big day.

(These shoes are fabulous!!)

The M Family

We had some awesome backdrops from Mother Nature to use for this fam. Fabulous bright and vibrant fall colors. The whole gang had fun... Cullin and Quinn are sweet brothers who were a pleasure to photograph. And the family's cat even got into the action; scaling the roof of the garage ;)

These boys were tickle monsters :)

And Check Out this FANTASTIC Jeep!!! What an awesome prop!

I love catching the parents as much as I love catching the kids!

The H Family

Rachel is like me: a mom and (phenomenal) photographer of two. This mom has her hands full with two sweet energetic boys (and dad has the same)! We had an action packed session with a little chasing, a few small bribes of crackers, and lots of laughter!

Don't you just love this smile?

And what about this smile?

One of my all-time favorite pictures!!

The R Family

We got these shots on what had to be one of the last evenings here is St. Louis before all the leaves dropped off the trees. The best part was what troopers they all were; the worst, how fast the temperature dropped with the sun!

One of my all-time favorites! I have had so much fun with this picture!

Check out the laughter here! I don't remember what we did, but it was really funny!

Thank goodness little one stayed still for this one.

I love these colors!

The following are individual shots of each child- and they totally tell you what they are like: energetic and full of joy. And then we have mom and dad. Enough said!

The T Family

Meet the T Family. They are such awesome people. Smiles and laughter and so much fun. Here are their maternity shots as they await the birth of their little baby boy (who is darling).

See I told you they were fun!

This is one of my favorite shots!

Another fav! I love the contrast!

I love how striking black and white can be...

Isn't she the perfect model?
For all you Cardinal Nationers out there. A fan from the beginning!